Final Film



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New Ident

In order to fit to my newer theme of Romantic Drama I decided to change my ident to a more simple one.

I made the font more tech like as it adds to the first minute and title font of the start of my movie.

EQ 1

Evaluation question one, ‘In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?’


In my film opening my male protagonist, Ollie, conforms to the general teenage boy in a romantic teenage drama. He is portrayed as upset and confused at the beginning when we are introduced to him, as shown in the first two shots. This makes it evident that the boy is upset and confused about something, yet I do not give away the plot at the beginning.

The definition of a Romantic Drama film ‘is a genre that explores the complex side of love. The plot usually centres around an obstacle that is preventing love between two people’. The obstacle is not revealed in the first two minutes as that would be unrealistic; the plot is usually revealed half way through the movie, however I do give away that they break up at one point. This challenges forms of real media products as usually the movie goes in chronological order – when they first meet, get together, plot twist, drama, ending – I chose to do this out of order as it grabs the audiences attention.

I then went on to use the general concepts of a romantic drama through use of props and costume. In order to bring my film opening into the 21st century I use technology in the first minute. These props varied from a computer, a mobile telephone and a home phone. I did this in comparison to the fault in our stars, another romantic drama which also used technology as a form of communication that challenges the genre. Their costumes are upper middle class and relevant to the genre as it develops on their characters. They are not overly complicated as I didn’t want the costumes to be the main focus of the opening, however they help develop the characters by establishing the fact that they are of the same class and equality.

My film opens with an establishing shot of the outside house. I edited this shot to be dark and gloomy as a type of pathetic fallacy; his mood being the same as the weather, so then I could develop on his mood throughout the opening. This immediately sets the mood as the next shot is Ollie lying on his bed with no technology near him, challenging forms and conventions of real media products as obviously he does not choose to be disturbed by all the notifications he is getting from each of his devices.

The genre is suggested at about 35 seconds in when we see a proper photo of the two together. We do not however see ellyisas face in the memories until they are kissing; I did this to use and really challenge conventions of a romantic drama specifically because the audience would not be able to see her face until that moment, giving a certain intrigue and build up to the moment.

My use of title font and style is made to look as if someone is typing or texting the titles, therefore once again challenging real media products as teenagers usually text as a form of communication. It is done with a simplistic black background as I did not want to overcomplicate such a simple title. I believe that I came up with the idea myself as I have not seen any films that text their titles, unless it is in the style of an old fashioned typewriter which would not conform to my genre.